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Timesheet and Gantt Chart for Jira are a tool for make time tracking with industry's most powerful desktop software like General User Interface. User Interface of this solution based to long work-life experience of the i4ware Software in various software development companies as subcontractor. In many companies similar Timesheets and Work-hour Reports are made with spreadsheet applications and sent by employees to employer as email attachment file or by developer company to customer as attachment of the work-hour invoice. This makes lot of extra work so Timesheet for JIRA is a solution to make this same more faster and web-based and ever not need to do same things twice and keep work-hour reports in multiple places.

  • Your Timesheet and Gantt Chart for Jira license must match your JIRA license (type and user limit)
  • All prices are in USD.
  • Paid Timesheet and Gantt Chart for Jira licenses entitle you to perpetual use and include 12 months maintenance for updates and support. Renewing maintenance in subsequent years is 50% of the price shown and is required.


Atlassian Jira Server