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Below you see database schema.

Below is a roles table.

When you are uploaded the module files to folder /zf/application/modules then you need to make access control for it like below. Module's folder name must be same than in module column in database table and there is only a 3 needed controllers index (that come to used for index HTML file with CSS and linked JavaScript files), javascript (for dynamic server side .js file) and json (for json actions to return JSON code for Ext JS 3.4.0 GUI). You can alternatively make you own controllers too if needed. Access column is for that can user role X can execute action Y in Zend Framewor Controller. If you left action column to empty then it is just a global and every actions in controller can be executed by selected user role. If action column contains a some thing then it is for single function in Zend Framework Cotroller Class.

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